Raghuvijai Guntur, Esq.


As a lawyer, I am dedicated to guiding people through the legal process as efficiently and effortlessly as possible.  I will arm each client with thorough knowledge of their case and options that lay before them.  As an attorney, I fully represent the needs and desires of my client within the confines of the law.  I am a diligent counselor in assisting clients to develop solutions to legal problems and reduce the chance of long-term or continuing conflicts. 

I am licensed to practice law in the State of New York, though my law practice is located in the Mid-Hudson Valley area.

I believe clients need to be comfortable with the attorney they place their trust in.  As your lawyer, I will not delegate any part of your case to another attorney you are unfamiliar with or to legal assistants.  Your phone calls will be returned in a timely manner by me and you may trust that you will be kept up to date on the aspects of your case.

                                                                    Phone: 518-250-3623

                                                         email:  guntur.law@gmail.com




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